MY FIRST WEEK IN ‘DKK’ Ololade Olajide

This week, I had my first experience of life in an advertising agency which started with a hectic and confusing bus ride from Ikeja to Anthony. The bus I boarded was an old one and this made the ever restless Lagos passengers hyper ‘cos the bus was on a steady Nokia 3310 vibration. Also, the conductor was very rude. He was more vulgar than Lil Wayne but I promised myself that all these won’t stop me from enjoying my day.  

  ‘’Excitanxious’’ is the best way to describe how I felt entering the agency. I know ‘’excitanxious’’ isn’t a word but I don’t believe there is a word to describe how anxious and determined I was to make the anxiety fuel my excitement.  Prior to my week’s work experience at DKK, my knowledge of advertising was gleamed from articles and few textbooks. One of the things that struck me most whilst working at DKK was how much they seemed to genuinely care about the work they make and how respectful and supportive they were towards each other. That may sound odd but team work and collaboration is not something I’m used to at university where lecturers encourage you to hold information back from absent people.

  On my first day, I was attached to the client-service department where I met Funmi who taught me about briefs, ATL’s and BTL l’s. She also taught me how to write a brief. Later on, we had a status meeting in the board room where I introduced myself to everyone in the agency and they also did the same. The following day, I worked with Dorothy who is also in the client-service department and she showed me the number of clients they have. They include: MOWA, GOSHEN, VISAFONE, KALLY etc. She also explained to me how things work in the client-service department. I found all these interesting and amusing Later, I was attached to the creative department where I was told that it is of two categories which are: the graphic section and copy writers. I also learnt that the creative department makes everything look absolutely perfect. I quickly gained an awareness of the many ways in which creativity is embedded and integrated into the agency . They had to ensure that both the message and the brand’s personality were portrayed. I also learnt that in order to get the attention of a creative and hopefully impress them, you have to analyse the message and situation, explaining every step and the meaning behind the creative execution.

  Later, I worked with Asher, a marketing strategist in the agency who explained to me what marketing strategy is all about. He also explained to me that marketing strategy involves data, statistics and graphs. Well, as it is, I’m enjoying the environment I work in.                                               


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