What a day! A day I can’t forget in such a hurry. The 24th of June, 2013 was a very memorable day for me. It was so tensed for me because I got to meet new people. The feeling was a mixed one because firstly, I was glad I was here and secondly, I felt it won’t  be very easy relating to people freely but they really blew me off that feeling. so far, everyone has been very nice, lovely and accommodating. On my first day, I learnt about things like the contact report, briefs, the ATL’s and BTL’s, and how important they are to everyday advertising work.

My second day, which was on the 25th of June turned out to be much more interesting, because my new found family appeared to be as accommodating and friendly as usual. They answered my every question; I got to know how some of the creatives are being done. I got to know what F.A, bleed area are, and I think I would really love the graphic area of the creative department. The creative department consists of two departments which are Graphics and Copywriting but I really love how the art work is being done.

My first and second day at work is a very memorable one which i won’t forget in a hurry. It’s so amazing that I got to learn things I’ve heard before but never really put much interest in, and am having a lot of fun.


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