Share a Coke with..

Something or Nothing?

Steph says..


I’m sure many people have by now seen the new marketing campaign that Coca Cola has introduced for thissummer in the UK. The campaign features the catchphrase ‘share a coke with…’ and a name from the top 150 names in the UK on the label of bottles. Personally when I first saw one of the bottles I couldn’t contain my excitement, as it was one of my close friends’ names (I have spent a lot of time stuck in my house revising recently so the little things really make the difference).

I think the whole campaign is a stroke of genius as it creates rejuvenated interest in the brand. I have friends who have spent a significant amount of time searching chiller cabinets just to find a bottle with their name. I haven’t got quite that far yet, but I know if I saw a bottle with my name on…

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